Opening on March 16 nationwide, this inspiring movie is based on the true story behind the Mercy Me hit song “I Can Only Imagine”. The film explores issues of physical and emotional abuse, addiction and the power of true forgiveness.

With the help of a local sponsor, JLK was able to provide a UNIQUE opportunity for over 150 area leaders to preview this film a month before it’s release.

The response following the screening was overwhelmingly positive, with all attending seeing the tremendous potential the movie offers as a discipleship and evangelistic tool.

Just imagine… broken relationships mended… brothers and sisters breaking chains of bondage and dealing with anger, brokenness, and forgiveness…

Below we are passing along links to some resources we hope will be helpful if you are seeking to maximize this opportunity to bring hope, healing and Gospel transformation to a hurting world!


Video Trailers:
  • “Imagine” Official Movie Trailer Link: Click Here
  • “Imagine” Bible Study Trailer:  Click Here 
Posters, invite postcards and social media promo tools from “Outreach”

Official Resources published by “City on a Hill” publishers:

Here is a list of the primary tools available from City on a Hill:

  • Church Campaign Kit – $79.99
  • Small Group Study Kit – $39.99
  • Series (4 videos to use with small group study) – $14.99
  • Journal (Participant Guide) – $14.99
  • Leader Guide – $14.99
  • Leather Journal – $39.99
  • Bart Millard Memoir – 16.99

Leadership Quotes  — Click Here 

  • While searching for resources, we found a cool blog written by Brian Dodd with 29 Leadership lessons from the movie. Wanted to pass along as we thought these could be great starting points for conversations, or even used in a sermon! 😉  


We have been given the incredible blessing of some complimentary tickets as a gift to the Church of Kalamazoo.

These complimentary tickets have been provided  for specific “Strategic Kingdom Purposes” to help facilitate healing and restoration in our community and in our churches. 

Click on the button below to learn more about this opportunity… 

Why is JLK getting involved with this movie opportunity?

Jesus Loves Kzoo continues to seek the face of God to heal our land… to move in our midst… to do something miraculous in our community throughout the year.

We believe this tool is being provided to Kalamazoo “for such a time as this,” and we invite you to see the film for yourself. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!